B30 Invisible Subwoofer

B30 Invisible Subwoofer

B30 Invisible Subwoofer is a two-panel monaural subwoofer speaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation.

The subwoofer has a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing. The paintable active diaphragm face is bonded to the frame of the speaker panel, creating an active area surrounded by a stable mounting area.

The B30 may be installed in either the wall or ceiling and on-site finishing options include latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics and selected texture coats. There is no need for special vellums or other nonstandard wallboard finishing materials.

Ideal for any surround sound, foreground music or whole-house audio system that needs extra bass output, each B30 panel incorporates two acoustically coupled, high-quality, high-power 8” (203 mm) cone woofers. The panels work in pairs as a monaural output subwoofer. This two-panel system allows each panel to be placed wherever they perform best, free of visual concerns that may conflict with architectural features. B30 panels may be mounted separately or stacked to achieve desired acoustical results. For stereo subwoofers, four panels should be employed.

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B30 Invisible Subwoofer

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B30 Invisible Subwoofer
B30 Invisible Subwoofer

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