HDMI Cable Tester

HDMI Cable Tester

BOSSCOM HDMI / DVI Cable Tester is designed to quickly test and search for errors on the standard HDMI 1.2a and 1.3a cables.
HDMI cable tester tests the whole HDMI cable construction and show defects if any failure / defect.

There are 19 wires inside an HDMI cable, but only 9 completely closed circuits, which represents the format. BOSSCOM HDMI Cable Tester test measures each sub within the interface and displays a pass/fall by way of LEDs on front of the receiver.

BOSSCOM HDMI cable tester can also be used to test the DVI cable. The only thing it requires is that you install a DVD / HDMI adapter on the DVI cable. Insert one end into the transmitter and the other end to the recipient. DVIen does not support CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), this LED will remain off.

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HDMI / DVI Cabel Tester

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HDMI Cable Tester
HDMI Cable Tester

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